Monday, October 5, 2009

morning hangover 100509

GOOD MORNING, friends! I hope your weekend was remarkable!

Now, let's get this week started...

  • Think Slutty Cat's kittens are cute? Check out these puppies... You'll die of cuteness.
  • These are the 20 craziest fashion inventions of all time... Including the Snuggie for dogs and contact lens jewelry.
  • Calling all JMU students... Or any guy who likes college girls, or girls from JMU! A girl from my high school created "The Girls of Madison".. A swimsuit calendar of the school's hottest girls.
  • Do you like vulgarity? Do you cuss a lot? Find out why some of your favorite words can't be in the dictionary, and when they actually were.
  • These jobs are guaranteed to turn you into a huge dick.
  • There are 7 secrets across the world that only 2 people or less know. That's skill.
  • There's a Wikipedia page about high-fives... And it's kinda funny.
  • Bound to make you LOL: 8 rejected Photobooth effects. Seriously, it's good.
  • The craziest, most unbelievable deaths ever.
  • Apparently these pictures are proof that girls are loco en la cabeza. Whatever.
  • This is one serious squirrel fight.
  • I apologize to anyone who hates clowns, but imagine this as your last supper...
  • I'll just call this the WTF picture of the day...
  • And this will be my LOL picture of the day...
  • I can't get enough of kittens right now... Especially this one and his little dance.

  • A pickup truck burnout gone wrong. [Language NS4W... but totally the best part.]

There we go! Have a wonderful Manic Monday!


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