Tuesday, September 1, 2009

you can't hide a man's happiness

These videos are going to make you giggle, I don't care what you say.

This first one is a man who was on Britain's The X Factor. Let's just say... Uhh... Everyone was looking at the same thing.

How. Hilarious. Is that really his junk, though?! It looks like he stuffed an entire Beanie Baby or something down there!! There's NO way he didn't know about that... Right?! It had to have been planned... Correct?!

Can you imagine being his daughters? Holy wow I think I'd run very very far and very fast.

No matter what, though... The judges said the most perfect things they could have said. Simon Cowell et. all- You are funny.

There's another video that will make you giggle, but it's a little too inappropriate for this here main page. All I will say is it involves animals and you're probably going to watch it.


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