Tuesday, September 1, 2009

listen: the song that won't go away

Ya know that awful song that became Kris Allen's first single after winning American Idol? It's called "No Boundaries" and was written by Kara DioGuardi. It just seemed like an awful song and I hope it doesn't doom his career.

ANYWAY, it's baaackk. Kara recorded it herself and might be releasing it as a single! Either that or she's looking to redeem herself after getting a lot of heat for the terribleness that was this song.

My verdict: It is a lot better! I could actually stand to hear it on the radio if that's what it came down to. Maybe she's just better at writing for girls, who knows, but I think she at least got a half-redemption.

What do you think?

Well done, Kara! Try harder the first time around when you do this again, will ya?


1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Not gonna lie, I like the Kris Allan version, and def better than Kara's. She should, however, pose for Maxim or Playboy or something... great tummy!