Tuesday, September 1, 2009

morning hangover 090109

Good morning!! Happy SEPTEMBER! Woah. September?! Really?!?

Let's get this month started off right.

  • For all of you RWDC followers, @RealWorldDCNewz got these pictures of your favorite local celebs at their weekly pool party.
  • There's a website dedicated to finding tweets about people having their period. WHY?!
  • Animals have feelings too! They get sad and disappointed and people catch it all on camera.
  • You know there's always someone who's... interesting.... in Walmart, and now there's a whole website dedicated to showing these people off.
  • You never get too many facts on sex, and here are 10 "surprising" ones... Like the age at which you lose your virginity is genetic.
  • Ever have something you want to do but don't know if it's legal? This website can help people like you and me out.
  • A FIVE POUND gummy bear! This belongs on Willie Wonka..
  • This squirrel is doomed.
  • Do something nice every day, like compliment strangers. Things like "I like your knees" and "You look very cuddly" are totally acceptable.

  • Ashton Kutcher broke up with Demi and is now going for middle schoolers?! That's what this girl says..

  • One second you're about to blow out your candles, the next you are your birthday candle.

  • How terrible is this?! The cops laugh as they make this big guy strip for the cop camera.

Alright, that's all for today! Happy work-escaping! Have a WONDERFUL morning and day!


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