Wednesday, September 2, 2009

watch: lil king and the wiggy wiggy

Forget about young teenagers making it big thanks to YouTube and having a bit of talent, this kid is only 7 [now maybe 8 I think?] and is rapping for everyone! He's even got an official music video equipped with video vixens!

I mean DANGGG! I was about to jump up and start doing the Wiggy Wiggy until I realized it's a bunch of little kids and I thought it was kind of weird.

My favorite part about it all: The tall, awkward, random redhead. Leave it to the gingers to be the highlight of my entertainment.

No but really... This kid has some serious talent! He's better than Soulja Boy!! Oh snap!

I wonder if he has a bunch of temporary tattoos to make him look more thug-nasty for the ladies or if he keeps it clean?


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