Wednesday, September 2, 2009

halfway nifty: vapor ciggies

I know these aren't exactly new, but I think they're something that not a lot of people know about. [Only because I didn't know about them until a couple of days ago.. But maybe I'm slow!]

There are a bunch of different names, but it's all the same idea. E-cigarettes, Vapo-Cigarettes, etc. are cigarettes without the tar, smoke, and everything absurd in electronic form. It does contain the nicotine, and it feels like you're smoking it in, but it's just water vapor!

Before I go further, if you don't know me personally, you should know that I am one of the biggest anti-smokers ever to exist. I hate cigarettes and everything about them. [No, I won't hate you or judge you if you smoke.. I just won't fall in love with you, either! :)] I love being able to go out in DC and not smell like death when I wake up in the morning.

That's what is great about these things, though. Although nicotine is totally bad for you too, at least these aren't giving off second hand smoke, bad smells, or anything that could bother the non-smoker. It's just vapor that disappears into thin air without a trace! They

Other good things about it: It's cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes every day, there are a bunch of different flavors [mint, cherry, coffee, strawberry, vanilla... to name a few], and you can do it anywhere because it does not create any smoke.

Have I convinced you smokers to make the switch yet? That is what I'm trying to do here, after all. You can see a video of someone smoking one here:

This is about going green, people. It's about technology advancements that are actually helping the environment, you, your health, and everyone you associate with. [You being the smoker, of course.]

If you have one of these, feel free to sound off below. Or if you know someone, want to know more information, or whatever. I just wanted to point out something that I think people should take a closer look at.



Unknown said...

i totally agree with you. but i think that just having a cig in your mouth is so unattractive. haha but hopefully people do make the switch. by the way i love your blog haha and your tweets never fail to entertain. keep up the good work. peace :-)

BigRuss said...

Well Elizabethany my e-cig is on its way and i will let you know how it works. I am a smoker of about 4 years and i am really excited to see how this works out. I should be getting it tomorrow ill keep you posted.