Monday, August 31, 2009

watch: turning a limp into a pimp walk

This is a long video, and may seem not worth your time at first [I say that because that was my original reaction], but it totally is.

This guy, Josh Sundquist, is a cancer survivor who had his leg amputated. Now he's known as the three legged man and he travels around giving motivational speeches and doing stand up comedy. And oh yeah... He skis.

This video shows him starting out with the comedy, and ending up with the motivational speech. It's phenomenal the whole way through and you should definitely watch it.

I absolutely love that some people can really look at things in the most positive light and spread it to everyone else around them.

Aw.. What a nice, wholesome, emotional post. I love it.


PS: Homeboy can RUN!!! For having one leg... Err.. I mean 3... He's got some serious pep in his step!!

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