Monday, August 31, 2009

kim kardashian is not pretty

Call me a Kardashian hater if you want, but I speak the truth: Most of the sisters are not hott.

I know I said I liked Kim's new blonde hair, and I still may, but this picture confirms that homegirl is unattractive.

Some amazing paparazzi caught her out and about with no makeup on!

I'm sorry, but her butt is not attractive, either. Big- Yes. Nice- No way.

Seeing these pictures make me think one about one thing: How amazing would I look if I had an amazing stylist and makeup artist?! I mean, really... I'm more attractive without makeup than she is. [No, I'm not cocky at all, but I know this is a true statement after seeing this picture of her.]

Kim... Seriously.... Keep the make-up on and fix your hair before going in public. Thanks.


PS: On another note, her sister Kourtney [the only hott one] was featured on the cover of US Weekly with Kendra showing off their baby bumps! How precious!


Olivia King said...

HA! You're fucking kidding me, right? You're so transparent it's not even debatable the fact that you're just an extremely insecure teenage girl who spends most of her time thinking about how she can look hotter and be better for guys. You disgust me. The girl is fucking gorgeous. It's not really up for discussion. I know you think you're changing the world and starting a revolution by "innocently" stating that you do not think she's attractive, but get over yourself and more importantly get a life, cause you're not doing a damn thing except removing all doubt that you're not just an obsessive,pathetic, inscecurity- crazed bitch. Just admit it. You probably think about kim Kardashian more times a week than is healthy. You see her pictures and compare your features to hers, analyzing every (rare) similarity and (much more common) difference. She's better looking than you and everyone you know, big fucking whoop, get over it. To drive my point home, I just wanna let you know that when I showed ALL my hot guy friends the pic posted on your page of her without makeup, nearly all their reactions were "Damn. she's still hella beautiful. The chick that's writing this shit is just hella jealous." Everyone sees thru your bullshit, just shut the fuck up and don't speak till you have something useful to say, the world would be such a better place without crazily insecure stupid bitches like yourself. If you actually looked better than kim without makeup, than why won't any modeling agencies hire YOUR dumbass to model for them? cause you know, if you look better than kim kardashian does without makeup on than I'm assuming you would look more amazing than her with it on too, no? Cause otherwise your claim wouldn't make sense, you dumb bitch. Quit fucking hating on people that are better looking than you.

btw NO ONE gives a shit that you were on mtv one time.

Olivia King said...

And another thing, if you're not just an insecure bitch, you'll have no reason to delete my comment. But I doubt that shit.

elizabethany said...

Oh, I'm not deleting it. In fact, I'm adding it to the collection and showing it off. You're hysterical, Ms. King.!/topic.php?uid=81758966490&topic=18398