Thursday, August 27, 2009

watch: fruit gushers make me feel crazy with happiness

FRUIT GUSHERS! Oh man. So great. I'm not going to lie, we still have them in my household thanks to my brother... Who is 18 and in college.

Anyway... How do you advertise such things? "They make me gush with excitement"?!? Yeah... Probably not very appropriate for a kids' snack, huh?

Instead, they make this video that was virtually made for viral stardom:

First of all-- ELFRIDA?! Her name is ELFRIDA?!
Second- Check out the kid's face after the dancers first start dancing crazy with happiness. CLASSIC. He had the exact same face I did.

I'm so bothered. From the super skinny guy to the girl with mosquito bite boobs... This is not okay... But still so, so great.


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