Thursday, August 27, 2009

nifty: the arkeg

Is it bad that I find way cooler things on male-driven sites than.. Well, anything else?

For instance they said this is the invention from Heaven, and I think I might agree.

I introduce to you... The Arkeg. Part arcade game, part kegerator. 100% GENIUS.

There are all sorts of customizations, too! You can put your pictures on the side, add some bar stools or drains for the keg... The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Did I mention there are OVER ONE HUNDRED GAMES already pre-loaded into the machine, with the ability to add more?! Holy moly. I'm in love.

The only issue: It costs $4000. WHATTT. Even I can admit that's a little much for a sugar daddy.

Dangit. I need a plan B from a sugar daddy. Grrr.


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