Monday, August 31, 2009

watch eTV: finding the rwdc cast episode 10

Finally!! The wait is over!

I do apologize that you've had to wait almost 2 weeks for this new episode, but as I'm sure you've already noticed, things have been pretty busy.

For this episode we went down to Rhino Bar again to see Josh and whatever else was going on for what we thought was just another Thursday night. Turns out, it was a big RWDC eventful night.

I'll admit... I need a new camera. An HD Flip would be perfect, but a girl without a "real job" can only dream at this point... And keep her fingers crossed!

To read all about the night, read my Metromix blog!

Again, thanks for watching! Whether you're a lover or a hater, I got your attention and that couldn't mean more to me! I LOVE ya!



jane said...

good episode-i enjoyed

Anonymous said...

good stuff keep it coming*
i might end up at one of these events u keep tweeting my friends are kinda whack lol so id rather head out and check it out sometime ltr

Anonymous said...

I've used the bathroom in their house! :) seriously, no lie