Monday, August 31, 2009

morning hangover 083109


Okay, okay. It's never fun to hear "Happy Monday" in the morning. I'm sorry. Here are some things to get your mind off of it:

  • Need advice on life? Old people are probably the best to get it from.
  • DC is looking for topless hairstylists.... ...!
  • Sometimes things pop up in awkward but hilarious places... Like these advertisements.
  • I still plan on doing something like this, and I'm a little upset I haven't seen a couple of these. They're the greatest flash mobs on the internet.
  • Imagine being dyslexic and reading the news headlines. They might freak you out, or they might make you laugh.
  • Forget about migraines, I hope I never get exploding head syndrome!
  • 2009 is nowhere near over, but there's already a list of the year's greatest celebrity feuds.
  • These dogs are having a little too much fun.
  • Who wants to bet this doll was Miley Cyrus' idea?
  • The same people who like to eat their pets, also like to drink their sweat, too. I think I just barfed in my mouth.
  • This is such an awkward tattoo... WHY would someone do this?!?
  • Do the Barbie Dance! And check out Ken wearing super tight, bright blue pants and a fedora!....Huh?!

  • I bet this is what Lance has to help him out when we film eTV... Backflip shoes.

  • A place called Autauga Country probably doesn't get a lot of exciting news... But THIS... Is something special and TOTALLY newsworthy.

Everyone have a fabulous kick-start to the week!


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