Friday, August 28, 2009

listen to the vibe show: 082609

I'm a couple days late thanks to technical difficulties, but I finally have the latest podcasts for The Vibe Show featuring Tipsy Tonya and me!

We talked about changing our looks, people competing for us/whoever, and the outfits that make you look the sexiest.

If you click the subscribe button, you will subscribe via iTunes for free! I think you should do it, of course!

We did this week live on UStream, too! We will do this from now on! Thursday nights, sometime around 8pm, it will be streamed live so that you can participate in our conversations and see us when it's not recording!

Bookmark the link!

Also, if you want to participate in our chat, register on UStream! It's free and totally worth it!



Anonymous said...

The vibe show? it sounds like a ripe off of vibergirl from Hott 99.5. Think of an original name ..dang Come on girls, Two sluts and a microphone is

Jason North said...

Thank you for admitting chics can be a player just as much as guys! Yes more guys than girls in the player game but girls can be just as vicious.