Monday, August 10, 2009

nifty: dissolving bikini

I don't know if it's wrong to call this nifty, but I'm doin' it.

Yes, it's actually a bikini that will dissolve in the water, and you can't tell beforehand!

A bunch of women are freaking out because they think this is wrong and demeaning and whatever. A lot of men are leaning towards the Get Naked Bikini because it's a good way to get back at their exes [Women-- Beware!]

I say it's not for all of that! No one invents things with the intention of harming or embarrasing someone! Right?!

They simply want to spice up some lives. Imagine... You think you're just going for an average swim with your lady when all of the sudden... "Honey.... Your um... Your bathing suit is uh.... It's coming off."

That could be interesting! Oh boy. I can only imagine a guy's reaction.


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