Thursday, August 13, 2009

football season is here and t-pain is doing a fight song?

Oh my goodness. Words can't express how PUMPED I am that football season is FINALLY BACK!!!!

REDSKINS vs. Ravens: Battle of the Beltways TONIGHT to kick off the pre-season!

The only downside is that I'll be at work on a Thursday night. LAME! Whoever I am waiting on tonight probably won't get very good service because I will be too entranced in the game. I apologize ahead of time.

Also- I will be sporting my Redskins jersey when Martin, my companion and I go out for our weekly taping of eTV's Finding the Real World DC Cast.

ANYWAYS. Have you heard the new Miami Dolphins fight song?! How about the T-Pain version of it?!

Why they enlisted T-Pain to record their fight song is beyond me.... Actually, no it's not. Even though Jay-Z declared DOA, T-Pain is still rockin' it, and it's popular. The Dolphins wanted attention, now they have it.

The lyrics are really pretty lame, though.

Miami has the Dolphins,
The greatest football team!
We take the ball from goal to goal,
Like no one's ever seen!
We're in the air,
We're on the ground,
We're always in control.
So when you say Miami,
You're talking Super Bowl!

(Chorus 1)
Cause we're the Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number 1.

I mean c'mon Miami... Can't you come up with something a little better?! I know there's nothing like "Hail to the Redskins," but you can do better than "We're the Miami Dolphins."

I need to stop hating on the team, though. Pat White is a Dolphin now, and I'm rooting for him!

On another note, this video of players trying to get you to pick them for Fantasy Football is fantastic. I know it's old, but it gets me pumped!

Some people say it's fake... I don't think so! Call me naive, and maybe some of them are, but some are definitely not! My favorite of them all: Laurence Maroney. I had to watch it 3+ times!

Finally.. I just think this is funny. I've said before that I read Chris Cooley's blog as much as possible. He posted about "Z's finger" and how to handle a head coach, and I find it funny. Therefor, I'm posting it. Duh.

- Drop plates of food at Z's feet and run.
- Pee in pants, slowly watching a puddle accumulate on the floor. Maintain a half grin of warm pleasure.
- Collapse into a full epileptic seizure - avoid banging head too hard on the ground.
- Shrug shoulders, laugh loudly while telling Z what a good joke that was. Congratulate him again having such a great sense of humor, then give him a friendly back handed tap in the nut sack before making their way to my table.
- Slowly, but carefully fold money in hand while he is lecturing, then using the appropriate tipping method, slip in a 20, and tell him to give you the best table he can find.
- Pull pants down, wait for spanking.
- Kiss him on the lips, tell him he is a beautiful man and you think about him every night. Tell him what a lucky woman his wife is. Gently grab his biceps before walking away. Sigh softly.
- Tell him to hold on for a second, then answer pretend phone call, say hello loudly to president Obama. Hold up finger, asking for minute then casually stroll away.
- "Hey Jim. Woah, Big Gulps, huh? All right! Well, see ya later"

I'm LOLing right now. What a hilarious guy Cooley is. I heart him. I also want to interview him. [I tried a couple times to contact him, but no dice. His brother Tanner DID comment on my blog, though! Talk about a jumping up and down and screaming moment!]

Alright, the end for this football post. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS BABY!


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Tanner Cooley said...

You want an interview, you got it. Send me your questions.

Love your blog. Keep it up.