Thursday, August 13, 2009

calling all rwdc enthusiasts!

So there's a little rumor that Real World DC will be joining a super-sweet kickball league that involves lots of partying, drinking, and bar specials!! PERFECT for the clad, right?!

What I'm thinking is that we start a team. We have no idea if we'll ever play against the roommates, and chances may even be slim. However... There are a couple parties with the league throughout the season that everyone goes to/is invited to.

It also looks like a BLAST! Playing in front of the monuments, going on the Boomerang Bus, getting tons of discounts and even FREE beer/drinks! Psh...

Are you catching my hint here?

If you want to join in and get a team together for NAKID, let me know! Email me at, tweet me @luvelizabethany, or IM me: luvelizabethany! We'll figure out a sweet team name and time to play later, but first we need about 20 people!

Did I mention we have to do it all by the 21st! HURRY PEOPLE!

Kthanks love you all.


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