Thursday, August 20, 2009

britney is seriously back for good

I know I've said it at least a dozen times since her comeback on last year's VMAs, but seriously... BritBrit is back for good. She's still looking amazing!

Check out these super hott pictures of her from this week in a bikini!

AND she was on Letterman last night giving the Top Ten list: Ways the World Would Be Different If Britney Spears Was President.

The Letterman thing is pretty lame, but all of her bikini pics she is totally smokin'! She looks happy and healthy and like she's having a good time! Plus, it's awesome to see her that confident on TV again!

Also... I think I can for once in my life say that I have Britney's body [or something like it] and it be a good thing! She's got a little bit of thickness on her, but she's also got a hint of her gymnast body back, too!

YAY for her! [And yes.. If you're wondering... I would in fact go lesbian for her.]


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