Thursday, August 20, 2009

listen to the vibe show: the pilot

If you follow me on Twitter, you may know a little bit about how I'm starting an online radio show with former FTRWDCC companion, Tonya.

Both of us are former interns of The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 and are trying to make radio our career.

One way we're trying to do it is this new project- The Vibe Show. It's going to be broadcast live on UStream on Thursday nights beginning next week, and podcasts will also be taken from the show and put online. [AKA on love, elizabethany!]

We're going to need people to call in and chat with us during the show to make it more interesting so make sure to stay tuned and spread the word!

Until then, here is our "pilot" episode. Just a quick, completely unplanned blurb.

We're raunchy. We're raw. We're real. We're everything you probably wouldn't expect from a 2 female radio show.... So be prepared!



Anonymous said...

Sounds good, Tipsy Tanyas volume level is definently alot lower that elizabethanys. Might wanna get that worked out. Elizabethany was screaming in my ear.

elizabethany said...

Agreed. Unfortunately her mic was not processed and we didn't know that until after recording. No worries, though! It will be fixed for the next show!

Milfypoo said...

Outside of the mic issues, pretty good! As for the subject matter, no complaints...I guess I'm technically doing the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Two loser sluts and a

Anonymous said...

"Two loser sluts and a microphone..."

HAHAHAHA I could not have said this any better myself.
Beth, please do not pursue a career in radio (although for sure this is better than putting your ugly face on TV). Your voice is annoying, your mannerisms are annoying, what you talk about and enjoy is annoying... please just... don't.

KOKONUT said...

aww i love you guys & what you're doing... coming from a fellow previous radio intern!!! forget the haters, at least they're listening too!!!!!

<3 - k0k0nut