Monday, July 13, 2009

watch: the black olympics

Ugh, it bothers me that I have to do a post based on a player from the Dallas Cowboys, but it'll be split 50/50 with someone from the Seahawks. Also, it's not exactly a praising post.

Marty B [Martellus Bennett] is a TE for the Cowboys and his older brother is Michael Bennett, DE for the Seahawks.

As a part of "MartyBTV" they decided to host a friendly competition... The Black Olympics.

Controversial? You betchya. Just watch:

Hmmmm... Can I say what I want to? Because I'm going to...

Why in the H would they do this?! Actually, I know why. It's freakin' HILARIOUS. I definitely laughed.

But! Aren't people always complaining about having stereotypes or whatever?! This is what gives the stereotypes.

Actually... I think I may have just changed my mind while typing this. It's just funny. They're obviously playing with the stereotype... Right?! Fried chicken, Kool-Aid, and watermelon. It's almost as great as the best black names.

What do you think? Is it just funny, or is it a little too controversial or terrible or whatever?!

No poll, just sound off below.

I want to do a White Olympics now. What could we include, though? I think I'm bad at knowing stereotypes, to be honest. Would we eat burgers or see who can gain weight the fastest? Maybe who knows the most object-like dances like the lawnmower, shopping cart, and sprinkler?

Yeah, I don't know.


PS: I just can't have a whole post about other teams, especially when Dallas is involved. Maybe Chris Cooley will be up to making a White Olympics. Maybe we can even do pottery like he did:

What a babe.


Stevie P said...

thats friggin hilarious!! definitely playing with the stereotype! I think they forgot the collared greens though lol

Dmbosstone said...

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