Monday, July 13, 2009

100% pretzel roller coaster building competition

This is different! A competition where Snyder's gives the winner over 1300$ worth of prizes, most importantly including Platinum passes to Busch Gardens obviously has to include pretzels, and the amusement park.

So what are they doing?! Having people build a replica of the Apollo's Chariot in Williamsburg! And oh yeah... It has to be made completely of Snyder's pretzels.

Here are some pretzel replicas:

Here is one made by 13 year old Brad Pehr from Cary, NC.

Yeah, uhh... Can we just go ahead and say he wins? Of course I haven't seen them all but let's be real people... This is amazing!

I just hope he doesn't have a dog because it would suck #1- losing your amazingness thanks to a hungry dog and #2- having to explain why you don't have it come judgment day-- "My dog ate it." Probably a little unbelievable. Literally.

Good luck, Brad!


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