Thursday, July 9, 2009

watch: 7 effing cows on the loose

Some people are just absolutely nuts. This lady is one of them.

She was out on her farm when her cows somehow got loose. She called 911, but told them "nevermind, it's no emergency."

Then she called back again, screaming, cussing, and freaking out at the dispatcher.

It's one of those calls that you kind of wish you were the dispatcher being entertained by this woman, while wanting to punch her in the face through the phone.

Here is the news story about it:

What a moron. I'm mad she's all ho-hum about it now, too. "Oh my fault I know I shouldn't have called but everyone freaks out."

Ummm.. Lady.. Your cows were loose. Sort of. Calm your life and take some meds.


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Christina Golden said...

WTF! People need to get lives and on that note dumb people shouldn't breed either. Just a thought