Thursday, July 9, 2009

top 10 things you're embarrassed to buy

Whenever you have to go to the store to buy certain items, you may be a little embarrassed to hit that counter. For example: condoms, tampons, whatever.

The people over at The Frisky think that those aren't that big of a deal, though. They think these are the top 10 things that people are embarrassed to buy:

"Oh so your sex life isn't going so well, huh?!" or "These people are just dirty and probably having sex outside of wedlock that is just terrible."

"You know you're basically killing a baby by taking this right? If it's already attached, it's a kid." or "Maybe you shouldn't be doing that in the first place, huh?!"

"Your hoo-ha must be real nasty if you're buying one of these!"

"OMG warts are like soooo gross!"

"Ew! You sweat so much you need to wear men's deodorant on a regular basis?!"

"Oh you're constipated? Well, please don't take this then find out bathroom. Wait until you get home to explode."

"Can you please stand at least 10 feet away from me at all times? I hear those things can jump."

"You must poop a lot if you need this much toilet paper!"

"WTF you got some GUNK down there?!"

"Yeah, that mustache you're growing is intense. Please fix it ASAP."

Honestly, I think vibrators and sex toys need to be added to this list. Toilet paper should be taken off. No one cares about buying toilet paper, do they?!

Feel free to chime in what you agree and disagree with below!

Some of these I definitely whole-heartedly agree with!


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