Thursday, July 16, 2009

the perfect females

How coincidental that I stumble upon both of these in the same day!

They're probably two of the most "perfect women" for men.

Exhibit #1: Babe with the Booby Beer Tap

What more could you ask for than to be able to drink beer from her nipples, right?! Especially when she's practically naked! It's pretty clever, and I wonder how many hookers will try and do this for Halloween, now.

The only thing wrong with her, as a certain Freek Show host said to me, she has a mouth that talks, and apparently men don't want that. So I present to you...

Exhibit #2: Bongin' Barbie

She doesn't talk, and she has a good time! She may have a bit too much make-up on, but hey! You won't notice that once you've been.. Mmm... Hangin out for a little while, right?!

I'm sure some of you wish you could combine the two and unfortunately, I don't have that for you.

Give it about 2 weeks until someone does come up with it, though.


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