Thursday, July 16, 2009

calling all sugar daddies!

We all know I've been looking for my official Sugar Daddy for quite some time, and I have officially created somewhat of an application. If you'd like to be considered, click here, fill out the boxes and hit the button at the bottom of the page. Then copy and paste your answers into an email and send it to me: elizabethanyy [at] gmail [dot] com!

The reason I bring this up is because.. Well, two reasons actually. 1) I've found a ridiculous amount of cool things today that are worth spending your money on and 2) I found a list of the 25 best cities to find a Sugar Daddy. And no, I kid you not.

I want to point out the top 10 specifically:

10. Arlington, MA
9. Irvine, CA
8. Herndon, VA
7. Oak Park, IL
6. Edwards, CO
5. Santa Clara, CA
4. Edgewater, NJ
3. Coronado, CA
2. Arlington, VA
1. Hermosa Beach, CA

Ummmm.... In case you didn't notice, NORTHERN VIRGINIA HAS 1/5 OF THIS LIST!!! The only state it lost to is Cali, and that state is like 10 Virginias in one!

So uh... Seriously... Arlington and Herndon... WHERE YOU AT?!?!? I love youuuuu... ;)


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Kasey said...


did you know there's a WEBSITE all about finidng sugar daddies?!? lol

thought you might wanna check it out. i couldn't believe it either. lol luv you girl!