Tuesday, June 2, 2009

watch: the down there song

So what's a way to get people to pay attention to "Planned Parenthood"?? Make some hilarious videos, of course!!

You can check them all out on their site, but there is one that is really pretty great and helpful and hilarious. Plus, it doesn't even make me feel awkward!

What do you call your "down there"?? I have a million names and I thought they were all pretty corny, but then I watched this... Here is just the song with the words:

Why did I never realize there were this many options!! I have so much to choose from now!

Now I have a thesaurus of body parts, and a video to make me giggle when I want to lay on train tracks after a long day of applying for jobs or searching for cars. [PS, if you have any of the above for me, let me know. Great, thanks. PPS: Check out this suicide fail video. I hope homeboy learned a lesson... Trains don't always do the trick.]


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