Tuesday, June 2, 2009

comcast programming is inappropriate

I'm not sure if I have ever noticed this or not, but someone obviously did.

Comcast picked two genres of television and conveniently placed them near each other on their guide/list of channels. Let's just say, they're probably the two genres that should be the furthest apart.

"Hey Mom, I'm going to go watch TV, OK?"
"Alright honey... I think Disney is around 450, if you want to watch that... You know how to do it?"
"Yeah... 4...5...0. What's 'Wild College'? Wild animals?!? Busty... Uh... Who's Busty? He sounds fun!.................. Woah. Mommy! What are THOSE things on that girl?!"

YIKES! But as terrible as it is, it's pretty hilarious. I guess now they're going to change it all up, but I can only imagine the amount of kids hitting the wrong channels it took to get the complaints going.

Or.... How many dads blamed their kids on all the money they spent on PPV....


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