Tuesday, June 23, 2009

updates on everything

My goodness I picked the wrong day to work a double. SO much happened in the celeb world, and I couldn't be there to update as it all happened, and I am very sorry.

[PS: For future reference, I will update via Twitter on days like today... So follow me! ;)]

Anyways, here we go... Everything all in one blog.


Did they fight? Will.i.am says no way....

He's cool, calm, and collected. Not disrespectful at all. Perez.... Is not. And little does he know, he basically says that it was someone else WITH Will.i.am, not him.

I'm confused, Perez. What did Will.i.am lie about?! The fact that he didn't hit you? You admitted that. And... I still don't understand how hurt you could have been if you were all over Twitter.

Look, I'm a blogger, too. I may not be as big as Perez [though I am clearly cooler] but I know that no matter how much publicity you have, attention is always wanted. If anyone relatively famous did something to me, you can bet your bottom dollar I'd do what Perez is doing. The only problem is... I am a Will.i.am lover, and I am pretty positive he's way too cool to be hitting anyone like Perez.

The end of my rant on this.


Speaking of fights... Apparently I'm always in support of the person doing the fighting.... Or supposedly doing the fighting. Whatever.. I give people the benefit of the doubt.. Especially when I like them.

If you didn't hear, his court date was today, and thanks to a plea bargain, he's not going to jail! Instead, he has community service to do, and 5 years of probation. The community service will be done in... dun dun DUNNN... VIRGINIA! [Should I stalk him, too?! Hmmm.]

He also has to stay further than 50 yards from Rihanna, which she didn't like. She actually wanted a less restrictive restraining order on him.... Interesting.

I'm happy for him... And yes, I still find her psycho. Shoot me for liking the "bad guy" if you want. Who cares.


They're getting a divorce. Big freakin' surprise. NOT!

I don't need to say much else.. I've said my peace. Kate is a bee-hotch and Jon needed to leave her. The kids will now make both of their lives a living Hell, and it will be rather funny.

Whew. Glad I got all of that out for you guys. Feel free to talk about how you feel below, of course! How does it go? "1..2.. Sound off.. 3..4.."

No, that's not it..... Oh well.


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BigRuss said...

I dont give a Shi* about these 2, really i just hope this actually is making it better for the kids. But i was hearing clips on the radio this morning, kate tried to throw it all on jon it seems, wtf. I aam just gonna say that shes a biotch aswell. I dont watch the show at all but i want this "news" to be OVER!