Tuesday, June 23, 2009

on the racks: christina milian does maxim

This month is bringing out the hottest of the hott in magazines.. Seriously. The latest: Christina Milian in Maxim.

I won't say anything right now, I'll just let you fellas soak it in...

To make it even better, she talks about how she regularly goes to strip clubs and gets lap dances. She even dresses up in costume when she hits the bedroom with her men.
...like a maid costume; a cute apron with the mitts and a robe, too. Yes. It was red. It was really cute. I try a little bit of everything. I’m all about keeping the excitement in the relationship. That’s why I sing songs like “Dip It Low.” When I’m with somebody, I like to keep it exciting.
A lot of people are saying "but WHO is she and WHERE has she been?!" Well, that doesn't matter, my friends. Now, she's in Maxim.. that's where. And if you didn't know her before, I bet you want to now.

As always, you're welcome, boys.


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