Friday, June 5, 2009

nifty: i used to believe

Alright kids... There's another site that people constantly add their own words to that you might get hooked on.

It's called "I used to believe" and it's all about things that you used to believe when you were a kid that you realize now are just absolutely ridiculous.

For example: I used to believe that every time you caught one of those white, fuzzy things that floated in the sky [I think they actually come from weeds], that was a piece of Santa's beard and I must have been good.

The site has all sorts of different categories such as body functions, death, grown-ups, religion, make-believe, school, toilets, and of course sex.

Here are some good ones:
  • I used to believe that the ridges on the roof of my mouth spelled out "MADE IN JAPAN" just like the words on the bottom of my doll's foot.
  • I used to think I could get pregnant by using my dad's bath towel. Terrifying.
  • I thought if i could catch the tooth fairy i got to keep all the money. So whenever i lost a tooth i would put it on a mouse trap.
  • I used to believe that sattelite TV really was from a sattelite, I could never work out how they got all the people into space to make the shows.
  • My mom had been in the hospital so many times and came home with a baby every time. This time my father was in the hospital and I thought for sure he was going to bring home yet another baby.
  • i used to think that if you flushed the toilet, whatever is inside would go out the shower because my dad always said not to flush when he was taking a shower
So I vote you check it out and add your own.. Not only to that site, but that comments section right below the post.


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