Friday, June 5, 2009

watch: stadium music video

I meant to include this in the TOT last night, but I completely forgot.

It's the latest released video from DAY26. [They've been shooting 4 videos all week, so hopefully they'll be released real soon!] The song: "Stadium Music." I like the song, but the single didn't do too well. [I still don't understand why they're not on Top40 stations... Whatever.]

Wanna know how I feel about it? I think it's terrible. I'm a little embarrassed for them, actually. I could make a video of this quality.

Where is Diddy at?!?! Shouldn't he be the one to go "Oh HELL no we're not using this as the video!" ?? I'm just not a fan of him as a producer at all. I don't know if I'm a fan of him period, really... But he puts together these groups that are amazing, and don't do nearly as well as they could.

I hope the other ones are better, boys...


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