Sunday, May 3, 2009

watch: top 60 ghetto black names

I was sitting with my ginger ex-roommate and hickey-contest-havin' friend this morning and they shared this video with me... And it's going to make you laugh.

Two random boys decided to come up with the Top 60 Ghetto/Black names and make a video to it. So, so great.

If you're not laughing, you're ridiculous. Their made up names are SO funny!

Some of my faves: Bon'Qui Qui, Sha'NayNay [obviously], Barackisha, Obamaniqua, Koolaidria, Watermelondria, Unidastazovamerikaliqua, and GUUUUURRRRLLLLLL!!

How do they remember how to say the super long ones!? I would totally mess it up.

Whatever, though. It's funny. [And no, not meant to be racist so don't anyone try and attack me for posting this and thinking it's hilarious.]

And to Mr. "She'll probably blog about it all day," you are absolutely right. I did. But let's not get out of control... I wouldn't waste a whole day talking about a ginger ex-roommate.


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