Tuesday, April 14, 2009

watch: music teasers

I'm all about teases. News teases, video teases, under the sheets teases... It's all fun and games, right?!

So here are a couple of "teases" for musicians.

In this case, I need to say "musician." Speidi has been annoying everyone, even Perez, with his promoting of this tease for Heidi's music video... That HE shot. It's terrible. There's no need to promote it. But whatever... Here it is anyways.

Really though?! Does that look like a good music video at all?! The only thing it's doing is saying "don't waste your time watching the whole thing when it comes out." How terrible.

THIS, on the other hand, is great! It's a tease/commercial/behind the scenes look at a video Kenny Chesney is doing with Corona for his upcoming tour. It's the second tour of his that is sponsored by the delicious beer.

I LOVE the final product! [At the end of the video!] He's a great entertainer. His tour is going to be amazing as usual. And this commercial is so simple, but gets the point across perfectly. Now I want to go to the concert.

So Speidi needs to take some notes, I guess.... Although, I don't think it will matter anyways. Heidi has no talent to live up to ANY hype.


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