Tuesday, April 14, 2009

watch: lindsay's on eHarmony

What do you do when you're newly single and just dyed your hair back to its natural beauty? Join eHarmony, of course!

Lindsay Lohan [who I am calling her regular name in hope that her breakup with SamRon will be like Brit's breakup with KFed-- The beginning of the road to recovery.] made this video to advertise her newly created eHarmony profile because she is just so, so lonely.

Apparently it's make fun of people day, and I'm lovin' it! What I love most is that she's literally making fun of everything people have been attacking her about, pretty much. And RIGHT after the breakup!

THAT'S how you know she's still got a sense of humor, and there's still hope. You can do it Linds! Find Herbie, I'm sure he can help, too!


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