Tuesday, April 14, 2009

never too old to rob a bank

What's a fun hobby to have when you're 78 years old? Robbing banks, of course!!

A Kentucky man decided to rob a bank last week, just one month before he turns 79.

He ran into the bank with 2 WalMart bags. One he told the teller to fill up, the other had wooden balls wrapped in black tape that he claimed were bombs. He got the money and left.

Witnesses noticed stickers on his car as if he came straight from a dealership... Which it did. Turns out he took it for a test drive, robbed the bank, then parked the car and left. He forgot that the dealership had taken a copy of his drivers license. Minor detail.

Now he's sittin' in jail hoping for a $100,000 bond, while his wife sits at home wondering why her husband would rob a bank.

The crazy things that old people do...


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