Tuesday, April 14, 2009

on the racks: zac efron is so GQ

Who's the new coverboy of GQ Magazine?! Zac Efron. Mr. High School Musical himself. And I must say, he looks pretty dark good... And a little Danny Zuko or Johnny Bravo.

Something interesting about the article- Yes, he drinks. [He's 21.. Don't worry!] But he's not an idiot, so he won't be all over the tabloids partying.

"I wasn't programmed by Disney. It's common sense. If you're gonna be drunk with your friends, don't get wasted at the Chateau Marmont and hook up with some famous chick. It's not rocket science."

He's got a good head on his shoulders, thank goodness. We don't need any more train wrecks.

Somethin' else he's done recently- A Funny or Die video in which he has a pool party featuring TONS of celebs. Hilarious.

You know they probably really do have family members like that!

Zac, you da man! Let's keep it that way! Listen to what Leo DiCaprio said: "Don't do heroin!"


PS: Also featured in magazines right now: JT, Kate Moss and Marc Jacobs in Vogue.

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