Monday, April 13, 2009

tweet tweet: tony hawk is a giver

Sure, kids love Easter egg hunts. Big kids like them too. [I even had a mini one at my house today for a couple of my friends!] But Tony Hawk has officially 1-up'd every parent this year.

Not only did he not hide eggs, but rather signed skateboards, he didn't just do it in the backyard. He did it all over the world.

He gave random clues via his Twitter, and then asked for posts back when someone found the board. Here's a video of people hiding them all over, and one of the clues he gave:

He even hid two in the DC area! When I checked, one was found in Alexandria. NoVA represent!

Some were also in AUSTRALIA and IRELAND! One by one people sent in their pictures of them with the signed boards they found. It was pretty sweet, really. I didn't even mind seeing 23982374 different Tony Hawk tweets per minute.

So, bravo on the idea, Tony! That's awesome! I'm sure a LOT of fans were out there looking, and it would have been funny to watch. Cameras should have been set up next to them, too.


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