Sunday, April 12, 2009

moron: lady goes for a swim with the polar bears

I'm pretty sure when you go to a zoo, there are signs everywhere about not entering an exhibit, or feeding the animals, or whatever. And sure, sometimes you don't want to pay attention and you just want to jump right in. But you don't, because you're smart. [At least kinda, right?]

Well, a Berlin lady wasn't so smart. In fact, she's an idiot. She decided to jump right on into the Polar Bear's moat this weekend, as if nothing were going to happen... During feeding time.

It may look like she was having a good time.. And maybe she was at first. But she ended up getting bit SEVERAL times.

The funniest part: When they tried to hoist her out with a lifesaver, she kept falling out of it, and getting bit again.

I don't feel bad for her at all. I've always wanted to jump right in too... But I know that they'll come after me. Just because they look nice, doesn't mean they are, people!


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