Monday, April 6, 2009

secret: melissa's milking her 15 minutes

I hope none of you guys were thinking ex-Dallas Cowboys cheerleader/Bachelor loser/DWTS contestant was going to fade out after she finishes this season... I don't see it happening.

Hugh Hef has offered her $500,000 to pose in Playboy after she is done Dancing!

"Hef really wants Melissa to do a pictorial because she's the ultimate girl next door. He thinks she has it all: beauty, brains and spunk. And it doesn't hurt that she has a terrific figure."

She denied the offer.. For now, at least. She can't pose nude until at least 3 months after the season of DWTS wraps. From there, who knows what will happen, right?!

She's obviously hott, and would be great for the magazine... But if she wins DWTS, she could be set money-wise for quite some time. [They make pretty good money, for an average, not a real star, star.!]

What do you think though? Should she do it?!


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