Sunday, April 19, 2009

no new ideas

Congratulations, MTV. You're officially going downhill just as far as VH1 when it comes to reality shows. Why are both of your mottos "Why make new shows when we can drag out our hit shows for 23948273 seasons, no matter how many "different" series we can make?!

The Hills may be coming to an end, but Whitney already has her own show, and TA-DA! So does Audrina.

No word on what it's called yet, but it's all about her life, duh. The difference from The Hills is that it'll show more of her "Hollywood lifestyle" with all of the paparazzi, filming her new movie, and working on her jeans line.

So I guess it won't just be a lot of awkward stares... It will be awkward "I'm so famous" moments.

"It’s my life after The Hills, my journey. It’s going to be a little spicier, edgier, older."

She also says that she's sad to be leaving the Hills, but everyone is pretty much ready to move on... Besides Speidi. They want to be on it forever. ....Ya don't say.........

I think it has the potential to be okay, but I'm really over the spinoff after spinoff thing. Even the challenges are getting old. [The same people fight, and it gets crazy every season... So what?] We shall see.


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