Monday, March 23, 2009

hello again!

I'M BACKKKKK!!! Spring Break was great, I did the BIGGEST interview of my life thus far [that will be posted sometime this week, so keep checking back], and I did NO relaxing what-so-ever. BUT, it's back to blogging my life away! And I'm pretty pumped about it, to be honest.

But where do I start?! I have SO much to share, and I don't know what the best is, so I'm just going to try and get a TON of posts up today. Enjoy!

First of all, here are a couple of things that should probably teach you not to show off. Some things aren't meant to be done over and over again, especially when people, with cameras, are watching.

Woopsies!!! Bet you didn't see that coming, did ya, Mr. Pizza Delivery Man?! OUCH!

And when fighting, yeah, you need to keep hitting. But don't use ALL of your energy to the point they don't have to knock it out of you!

So who wins!??! I bet NO ONE saw that coming! I say they BOTH win! Having no winner is lame, and they totally tied, right?!

I'm no referee or whatever you call them in fighting, but I declare 2 winners.. Thanks.


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