Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm MIA


I'm very sorry, but love, elizabethany won't be updated again until March 22nd. I'm off to Florida for the week for a long week of fun in the sun!

However, let's be honest. I know you haven't read EVERYTHING on this site, so this is your chance to catch up! Make sure to check out these pages:
Some things you may have missed, but definitely don't want to: People singing in the shower for Ellen and a little girl rapper. Go find them. [There's obviously a lot more, but I have a tan on my brain.. Sorry!

So check everything out, and come back in a week! There is going to be a SUPER EXCLUSIVE interview, with a TOP CELEBRITY!! [No, I'm not lying. I got the hook-up, all for YOU guys!]

Have a GREAT week! I will miss you guys! [No really, I will go crazy not being able to do this for a week.]


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