Sunday, March 8, 2009

she's a tramp

I always wondered if Barbie was a slut. I mean, she has the perfect body, big boobs, beautiful face... She has to be, right?!

Well, if she wasn't before, she is now. A tramp. She's "Totally Stylin'" with all of her new tattoos nowadays.

She even comes with more tattoo stickers so kids can stick them wherever they want on her, AND she comes with a tattoo gun, that helps kiddies put temporary tattoos anywhere on THEIR body.

Oh my goodness!! What a GREAT idea!!! Let's teach kids to get as many tattoos as they can to look like BARBIE!!!

Did I mention this is part of the celebration of Barbie's 50th birthday? What a hooker.

No really, though.. Everyone is freaking out about it. And yes, I think this is a little outta control when it comes to the back-tat, but the temp tattoos have always been cool with kids, so whatever!

Just please.. Let's not have little 12 year olds having tramp stamps on their lower backs. Those are not okay.


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