Sunday, March 8, 2009

kids do the darnedest things 030809

Fact: Kids think they're smarter than they are.
Also a fact: Sometimes they are smarter than we think they are.
And: It's hilarious. Every time.

So, tonight, I give you kids doing funny things.

For instance... Who knew girls were belly dancing to "Shakira" at the age of 2 now? I sure didn't.

But clearly, they are. Baby fat belly and all.

They also do the twist before they can even sit up by themselves.

Now THAT'S impressive, eh?!!!

Well okay... They're all just good dancers, apparently.

If you ever need a quick sweep, but are lazy, just babysit this guy. You'll make money AND get a clean floor! YES!

Sometimes, you pair a kid with a pet, and it gets REAL good. Just make sure you're not trying to get your kid to give you a high five on camera. Someone else might come and steal the show.

And if you're little, or have a little one... Don't let them try and throw the cat in the pool. Not just because it's SUPER MEAN, but because this will happen:

HAHAHA! Talk about karma being a b-word!!! Oh man. The cat showed him who's boss, that's for sure!

But okay, that's all the kiddies for now. I don't want anyone turning into a pedophile on me or anything.


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