Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the newest way to go green

A girl in WVU News did a story last week about a local woman who makes cloth diapers for everyone to use. I thought the idea was weird. How can you reuse diapers? Babies completely soil those things it's disgusting.

Then I saw something that is even more disturbing. When people talk about going green and saving paper and protecting the environment... There are just some things that I think we don't need to make crazy changes to.

One of those, is toilet paper.

Yes, there is reusable toilet paper, and apparently people are lovin' the idea.

I am not. I am quivering at the idea.

They're two layers of cloth.. Either flannel, terry, velvet or fleece, and you just use it, and then put it in a "wet bag" by your toilet. Then, wash and reuse!

They say they don't smell. They say it's comfortable. They say it saves a lot of money and blah blah blah. So, if you want to give it a try, by all means, do it. They're only 11$ per dozen... If you get the cheap ones.

I just... No. I can't bring myself to even consider trying this out. Sorry, no can do. Besides the fact that I'd have to do laundry like.. Every day!

Genius of the week is not being awarded to this "invention," that's for sure.


PS: Other reusable items that are not okay are feminine products. Gross.

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