Thursday, March 26, 2009

the new leggings or straight jeans?

I hate the leggings look. I'm sorry, I'm just not a fan. You can't replace pants with spandex. I've been waiting for something else to come along to replace them, and I'm wondering if one of these are it.

The problem is, these are even worse. I will wear leggings just to keep these off the market.

First, we have the thong jeans. They are the epitome of cheap/tramp/skank. A thong, made of denim, built right into your jeans, that don't even have butt pockets. Oh I'm mad.

Who would ever dare wear these?! And why on Earth do they cost almost 100 dollars?! That's not okay.

Also, I'm thinkin' you're going to be dealing with some serious camel toe with these. Not cute.

Then we have the "high fashion" butt cleavage dress thing that Hussein Chalayan designed.

From the front, it looks like there's an open boobage area. And in the back, it looks like you're flashing your butt cleavage.

I'm sorry. I think I missed the "Butt cleavage is super sexy" memo.

Please, no one wear these. Or anything like them. Your life will be over immediately.

I'm just lookin' out for ya.


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