Thursday, March 26, 2009

get noticed

Want to know how to get your house noticed on Google Earth, or around the world in general?

Paint something on the roof.

And I don't mean just anything. It's gotta be something good. Controversial. And your parents can't have any idea.

That's what this 18 year old kid did to his $2 million home a year ago. His parents had no idea there was a gigantic dingoling on their roof until The Sun called them to ask about the pictures they had received.

They didn't freak out, though! They just said it's a little weird. Wow. My parents would kill me.

Now I wonder if they'll take it off, and how they'll do it. What a weird thing to say you need to do.

"Yeah, I need to go home and take the 60 foot penis off of my roof, I can't go out tonight, sorry."

I love it, actually.


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