Friday, March 13, 2009

life lessons 031309

Not only is Spring Break about to start [or come to an end] for many of us, but it's Friday the 13th. There are some lessons I'd like to save you from learning the hard way.

1. Do not get hypnotized into thinking you're on a fighter jet plane, while in a wheelchair, on a stage.

Okay, not funny. That kid is obviously in a wheelchair for a reason..........
I'm lying. It's funny.

2. Never trust your coach. No matter how good they look, or how easy they make everything seem.

"I got you. Yeah, that's good! Alright, now just lower yourself down. No more. Wait, here. Just open your legs!......Woopsieeessss." Thanks, coach.

3. Limbo wires/ropes/etc. are there for you to go UNDER. How low can you go?! Not how high can you jump. This isn't track and field.

Did she REALLY think it would work out in her favor? I hope the ground tastes good.

4. Want people to think your talented? We're beyond the days of singing, dancing, and doing random but cool tricks. You have to do 2 tricks at a time.

What in the world?! How are people EVER going to be able to top this?! Amazing violinist + pogo-stick champion? I'm giving up on life.

5. If you want BOTH of your kids to get noticed on YouTube for something funny that ONE of them does, just put the one who does it "normal" first, so it looks like she's teaching the baby.

How freakin' precious is that?! He really thinks he's doing it! Oh man. Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE kids?!

So everyone have a wonderful, and LUCKY Friday the 13th!


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