Friday, March 13, 2009

back on the small screen

Mischa Barton is BACK on your TV!

Ashton Kutcher's new series called "A Beautiful Life" will star Mischa, and air on the CW.

It's all about growing up as a model in Iowa [His life...], the fashion world, and of course, drama.

Mischa will be playing Sonia, a successful, but bitchy model who keeps the competition at bay but also helps the younger ones. As familiar this may sound [the O.C./Marissa Cooper, anyone???], she says it's a completely new character for her.

"[I play] a bitchy model-type character, like it's a totally different character for me..... and obviously I have a lot of friends in the fashion world, so I'm used to being around a lot of people in that."

Right, Misch. I'm SO sure it's new for you. Too bad Miss Marissa was a b-word, too. I wonder if you'll quit this show long before it's successful run could be over.


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