Tuesday, March 10, 2009

it's craque!!

There's a new candy out there to become addicted to... And it's called CRAQUE!

Yeah, almost like crack cocaine. It even kinda looks like the rock drugs... Or so I hear.

On top of that, it's quite addicting.

It's really nothing off the wall, though! Nothing to be worried about!

It's just a little chocolate and peanut butter, covered with a hard shell and powdered sugar on top. Mmm mmm MM!

And, you can even make your own labels for the bag, if you want! For example: love, elizabethany ROCKS! Get it?!

But really... How hard is it to make square shaped PB M&M's, put some powdered sugar on them, and give them a fancy name?! Probably not hard at all.

Dag nabbit! I need to start using my noggin and come up with something good to come out with.. ASAP!


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