Friday, February 6, 2009

today's life lessons 020609

I've done this a couple of times, and now I think it needs to become a weekly thing. Maybe for Fridays.. What do ya think?!

They're life's lessons that other people are learning for you.. And hopefully you'll learn after watching..

For instance.. If you're the mascot of your school, and have to run out with the football team onto the field.. Make sure you've had lots of practice. And always know where your feet are. Wait, I mean.. Head up.. Always.

And here I thought eagles could fly with a little running first.. Hmm.. guess not.

2. If you're IN the game, and desperate for a touchdown, it doesn't take skill. Nothing ever does. All it takes is someone smart, and a good actor.

"Coach, I got the wrong ball!.. Oh.. I don't? Run? OKAY BYEEEEE!!!!" TOUCHDOWN!

3. Sometimes combining two activities isn't always a smart idea. Especially if one involves staying in one place, and the other one requires you to move.. Quickly.

Watch it again. And again. And again. If you don't learn this lesson, at least you'll learn how to laugh so hard, you get a workout by watching videos.

4. When playing leapfrog, make sure the object you're leaping over is stationary. If that's too boring, maybe consider placing the next object far away. If you don't want do that either, a helmet may be in your best interest.

Or you could decide not to be the gullible one in the group who will try anything...

...Nahhh.. That's no fun!

So be smart, don't play by the rules, and always wear a helmet. And have fun! That's all you need to remember in life this week.


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